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Syensqo is all about chemistry. We’re not just referring to chemical reactions here, but also to the magic that occurs when the brightest minds get to work together. This is where our true strength lies. In you. In your future colleagues and in all your differences. And of course, in your ideas to improve lives while preserving our planet’s beauty for the generations to come.

The domain architect for integration is a strategic technology leader responsible for shaping and driving Syensqo’s overall digital integration architecture strategy. This role plays a crucial role in Syensqo's IT ecosystem, chiefly responsible for developing and guiding the architectural framework for integration across various systems and applications, both internal and external. The role ensures that all integration solutions fit within Syensqo's broader IT and business strategy creating a modern decoupled integration architecture that allows for agility in connecting and changing our systems, a robust well managed secure flow of information and cost effective delivery.


Syensqo has become a new and independent company after the demerger of Solvay in December 2023. For next two years Syensqo will rely on Solvay through Transitional Service (TSA)  agreements for the majority of its IT services. During this period Syensqo will have to build out its own independent IT landscape and organization. The separation is primarily done through a ”clone & clean” approach with some transformation for Network, security and workplace. The new organization will be built with focus on efficiency and agile value delivery to support the growth, innovation and customer obsession of Syensqo. Substantial work, in parallel to the separation work, will start to prepare and execute on the modernization and transformation of the IT landscape. This will require a full revision and modernisation of the enterprise architecture, e.g. including starting up the program to move to SAP S/4HANA, the creation of a lakehouse / data fabric infrastructure to seize the opportunities of our vast amounts of data and information, build a modern decoupled integration architecture, optimize the R&I digital landscape, integrating AI capabilities in our solutions,  etc.


The role reports to the Integration Lead


Key Job responsibilities and challenges, include:

  • Define and maintain the architecture and architectural roadmap for all integration styles (process, data, UI, IoT, government etc), aligning it within the overall Syensqo’s enterprise architecture as well as strategic and operational goals 
  • Design a decoupled, scalable and robust integration architecture promoting seamless data flow and connectivity across various applications and systems.
  • Act as a consultant and collaborator with IT delivery teams, business stakeholders, and external partners to identify and implement best-fit integration strategies.
  • Evaluate and recommend integration tools and technologies, driving the adoption of solutions that enhance efficiency and agility.
  • Ensure that integration strategies adhere to relevant compliance, security, and data protection standards.
  • Participate in the modernization projects, such as migration to SAP S/4HANA and the creation of a data lakehouse, ensuring that integration aspects are effectively addressed.
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, and collaboration within the integration domain and across the IT organization.
  • Provide support to the creation of the overall Enterprise Architecture for Syensqo championing the Integration Domain.
  • Work closely with the Data Architect and AI Architect to ensure that best practice for integration are embedded into their architectures 


Experience, skills and behaviours:

  • Bachelor's or master’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or a related field - or proven experience of working at this level.
  • Extensive experience in technology architecture with a focus on integration within a large, complex organization.
  • Demonstrated expertise in developing integration strategies, with a thorough understanding of integration patterns, middleware, ETL, API management, EDI and data integration technologies.
  • Prior experience in guiding and working alongside technical teams towards the successful delivery of integration solutions.
  • Proficiency in agile methodologies; experience with SAFe is viewed favorably.
  • Strong proficiency in integration technologies, including RESTful APIs, SOAP, OData, messaging queues, and ETL processes.
  • Data and Message Modelling experience related to the creation and maintenance of a canonical data model
  • Detailed knowledge of SAP Cloud Integration Suite to include CPI, APIM, Open Connectors, Integration Advisor and Event Mesh
  • Knowledge of the SAP Integration Solution Advisor Methodology (ISA-M) 
  • Experience with cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) and their integration services.
  • Knowledge of data formats, data mapping and data protocols (e.g., JSON, XML, CSV, EDI, XLST), and integration standards (e.g., OAuth, SAML).

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