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Rhodaterge®TBC 290 - Speciality Rheology Blend For Acidic Toilet Cleaners

Rhodaterge® TBC 290

Specialty Rheology Blend For Acidic Toilet Cleaners

Rhodaterge® TBC 290, The “Most Convenient” Rheology Solution for Acidic Formulations


What Consumer Needs Does It Answer?

  • Reach desired viscosity easily for a nice visual appearance
  • Incorporate a large variety of fragrances without compromising stability
  • All-in-one ingredient for a simpler formula

Rhodaterge® TBC 290 is a unique concentrate of nonionic and cationic surfactants for easy and convenient preparation of thickened acidic cleaners. Our multi-functional solution provides excellent thickening at low dosage, solubilizing a variety of fragrances and boosting disinfection benefits for more  complex acidic cleaners with one unique solution

David Grandeau, Business Development Manager, Home Care at Syensqo

Rhodaterge® TBC 290, A Micellar Thickening Mechanism to Answer Market Demand

Rhodaterge® TBC 290 is a cost-effective rheology modifier for a variety of acidic home, industrial and institutional cleaning formulations. It is a very efficient thickener for formulations with hydrochloric acid and can be used with a variety of acids in the presence of sodium chloride. In addition to efficient viscosity building, Rhodaterge® TBC 290 also provides an antimicrobial boost, perfume solubilization, and good stability without the use of any additives.


What Are The Main Attributes of Rhodaterge® TBC 290?

  • Thicken efficiently in highly acidic mediums, which are usually difficult to thicken as there is a limited choice of chemistry stable in those harsh conditions 
  • Flexible solution for organic acids such as citric and lactic acids
  • Easily incorporates a high variety of fragrances
  • Supports disinfection
  • It works at a low dosage making the formulation way simpler
  • A ready-to-use solution with no need for additional ingredients
  • Easy-to-process concentrate with simplified logistics and storage


Micellar Thickening Mechanism that Works With Strong and Mild Acidic Formulations and a Broad Range of Fragrances

Micellar thickening mechanism that works with strong and mild acidic formulations and a broad range of fragrances.

Rhodaterge® TBC 290, Rheology Modifier





  • Home Care
  • Rheology agent
  • Viscosity modifier
  • Premium grade
  • Ready to use formulation
  • Improves compatibility
  • High fragrance tolerance
  • Toilet bowl cleaners