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Syensqo: Encouraging excellence

As scientific explorers, we’re on a mission to drive breakthroughs and to celebrate and encourage other global change-makers. That includes sponsoring people and organizations who share our vision and sense of purpose.

Through these activities, we help raise the profile and drive awareness of remarkable projects and individuals around the world. Whether it’s a groundbreaking invention, a sustainable cause, or a hugely talented person, our sponsorships focus on the inspirational.

Championing the champions

We’re the proud sponsor of three top para-athletes. Ambra Sabatini broke the world 100m record at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, and Trenten Merrill is the holder of the 2021 American Long Jump Record. Meanwhile, Kgothatso Montjane is one of Africa’s most successful tennis players.

Ambra, Trenten and Kgothatso are all brilliant athletes who set a fantastic example for others, and we are proud and excited to be part of their journey. These sponsorship commitments also align with our DEI program, which aims to foster inclusivity and embrace diversity.

Syensqo is committed to championing these incredible athletes throughout the two-year sponsorships: from their performance and dedication to their perseverance, and relentless drive to win. We’re not just promoting athletic prowess: we’re celebrating who they are - individuals who embody excellence and inspire achievement.

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