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Download now Syensqo 2023 Annual Integrated report 

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Syensqo’s annual integrated report provides a comprehensive and integrated view of the company’s economic, environmental and social performance, while highlighting its strong roots and bold ambitions. The report details Syensqo’s financial and extra-financial performance, governance, remuneration and risk management practices.

2023 was a historic year for Syensqo, in which the company successfully completed its separation from Solvay and was listed on Euronext in December. Despite a volatile macroeconomic and business environment, Syensqo’s businesses met their full-year EBITDA objective. The company also strengthened its balance sheet and used its strong cash generation to accelerate the pace of capital investments in key strategic technologies and platforms.




This download of the Syensqo 2023 Annual Integrated Report is in the ESEF format as specified by the European Commission in the Regulatory Technical Standard on ESEF (Regulation (EU) 2019/815)  


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