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Supporting Tomorrow’s Building Requirements Today

Sustainability is a guiding principle in the design and operation of modern buildings. From energy efficiency and eco-design, to durability, health and safety, the building industry faces unique challenges and opportunities to reinvent the environments where we live, work and play. At Syensqo, our material and chemical innovation contributes to improved performance, protection, comfort and aesthetics where it matters most. You’ll find our products and solutions all throughout buildings and beyond: in paints and coatings, in plumbing, in heating and cooling systems, among many other applications.

Learn more about our offer for the building market, and let’s work together to develop tomorrow’s sustainable cities today.

Areas of Expertise

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Discover High-Performance Solutions for Building and Construction Applications

Explore our broad portfolio for building applications. From specialty polymers and UV stabilizers, to surfactants and more, our diverse offer addresses needs across the building industry.

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