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Our impact

Our impact

Building a better future

The world is changing every day. That’s why we believe the best time for transformation is now. And it’s why we’re implementing initiatives to not only make Syensqo a great place to work but also contribute to a new and better world.

From sustainability initiatives and philanthropy projects to sponsorship and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) commitments; we want to lead the way in driving positive transformation. 


A focus on sustainability

Father with daughter on shoulders near wind turbines at sunset.

We recognize the need for innovative and sustainable solutions to help tackle climate charge and reduce our company’s and our society’s environmental impact. That’s why we implemented sustainability initiatives aiming to meet key objectives including curbing emissions from our own operations, and across our value chain.

It’s all part of our ambitious goal to become carbon neutral by 2040 – a goal we’re well on track to reach. Other sustainability achievements include the fact that 65% of our sites are powered solely by renewable energy, and that China has become the first of our markets where all of our sites use 100% renewable energy.

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Working for the common good

Corporate Citizenship

It’s our aim to advance humanity in everything we do, and our Philanthropy program is one of the ways to make a real, positive difference in the world. Not just with our scientific innovations, but also through our commitment to service and giving.

Driven by our conviction that science holds the key to solving society's greatest challenges, we’re dedicated to supporting a wide range of projects around the world. Our Philanthropy  is focused  on three pillars: Nurturing Innovation, Fostering Education and Protecting the Planet.


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Sponsoring the inspirational


Through our  sponsorship commitments, we work with individuals and organizations who share our values, including our dedication to sustainability and our focus on advancing humanity.

We’re not only supporting people and businesses whose values align with ours, we’re helping raise the profile of truly inspiring people and projects around the world.


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Enabling innovation through diversity

Researchers at Syensqo

At Syensqo, we believe that a diverse workplace is a stronger workplace. And we work hard to make sure that our company welcomes and develops employees from all backgrounds: including different genders, disabilities, social circumstances, and ethnicities. A diverse team brings diverse thinking – and it’s diverse thinking that prompts innovation and breakthroughs.

We’re committed to ensuring our employees feel valued and respected – and have equal opportunity to work, grow and thrive in the workplace. That’s why we’ve set ambitious diversity, equity, and inclusion targets and initiatives, which will help us improve further. 

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