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Employee care

Employee care

Caring for Our Syensqo Family

Ensuring Protection and Value

At Syensqo, we prioritize the well-being of our employees. We firmly believe that optimal ideas flourish in environments where stress is managed, and that sustainability starts with our employees' well-being.

Upon joining Syensqo, you'll encounter a spectrum of initiatives and programs designed specifically to safeguard your health, well-being, contentment, living standards, and work-life balance.

Equitable Compensation: Experience competitive wages, performance-based pay, bonuses, shared ownership, and a comprehensive pension plan.

Your Syensqo Cares Package: Embrace a 16-week parental leave, medical fee reimbursements, disability and life insurance coverage.

Embracing Syensqo's Work Practices: Access digital, remote, and inclusive work alternatives.

16 weeks of parental leave for ALL parents

At Syensqo, gender equity isn't limited to fair pay. We extend it beyond workplace boundaries. That's why all Syensqo employees welcoming a newborn—regardless of their location—receive 16 weeks of parental leave. This inclusive benefit allows both mothers and fathers to cherish these precious moments at home with their families.

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Ensuring Your Safety, Always

At Syensqo, we continually enhance the safety measures across our facilities, processes, and technologies. Our approach includes risk-based medical monitoring, frequent industrial risk evaluations, and ongoing identification of proactive measures to further prevent potential hazards.