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Corporate Governance

Syensqo governance in practice

Syensqo – headquartered in Belgium – is committed to the highest Belgian governance principles and seeks to consistently strengthen its corporate governance practices and disclosures, emphasizing transparency and promoting a culture of sustainable long-term value creation.

The Board of Directors is entrusted with challenging and supporting the executives in the development of strategies. The Executive Leadership Team, in turn, oversees the Group’s business operations.  

Syensqo’s governance bodies reflect the culture of collaboration that the Group aims to reinforce across its teams. The Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Chairman of the Executive Leadership Team and CEO maintain regular and constructive dialog, sharing information and embodying this culture at the highest level.

Detailed respective functions and responsibilities are defined in Syensqo’s Corporate Governance Charter.

Main corporate governance documents

Syensqo has adopted the 2020 Belgian Code on Corporate Governance as its standard reference code for the corporate governance taking into account the specific international aspects of the Company. 

The Corporate Governance Charter established by the Board of Directors of Syensqo aims at providing a comprehensive and transparent disclosure of the Company’s governance. It defines the system of checks and balances between the shareholders / investors, the Board of Directors and the Executive Leadership Team to shape an efficiently functioning company with the aim to create sustainable-shared value for all its stakeholders. In view of these ambitions, Syensqo considers that adherence to the highest standards of corporate governance and business conduct is of utmost importance and has therefore also adopted a Code of Business Integrity and a Dealing Code

To complete this range of documents, Syensqo has also implemented additional codes that represent its key guiding principles such as Syensqo's Responsible Care Policy  and Human Rights Policy.

The main documents reflecting Syensqo’s corporate governance are available for download in the section below.