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Formula E Car

Gearing up for an electric future!

A dynamic partnership for automotive excellence

At Syensqo, we hold true to our reputation of being explorers and pioneers by actively advancing the research and development of electric technology that will transform road vehicles for good. We deliver automotive solutions that put the world on-track to achieve a carbon-neutral future, thanks to our expertise in making vehicles lighter, safer, and more efficient through high-performing polymers and materials that deliver better EV batteries. But we’re not stopping here...

Our partnership with DS PENSKE Formula E Team is built on our shared values of pushing the envelope of technology, innovation and performance, all while championing sustainability. DS PENSKE and Formula E demonstrate that the intersection of automotive excellence and environmental responsibility is not only achievable; it presents a gateway to a new generation of electric vehicles that will redefine our relationship with the road for good. 

Syensqo is thrilled to join forces with DS PENSKE Formula E Team in this exciting partnership embracing science, sustainability, performance and safety. This collaboration is about winning together, as we share the same values of leading the way and innovating by creating breakthroughs to advance humanity, in green mobility and beyond.

Ilham Kadri, CEO of Syensqo

This collaboration embodies our ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation, technology and performance. Together with Syensqo, we are aiming for excellence.

Olivier François, CEO of DS Automobiles

DS PENSKE Formula E Team 

Competing for a better future

Formula E is more than just racing; the championship aspires to accelerate the world towards an electric future and achieve sustainable human progress. Formula E uses the spectacle of motorsports as a testbed to push the boundaries of EV technology and alter the perceptions of electric cars, showcasing the possibilities of clean mobility to a general audience in an exciting, fast-paced manner.

The DS PENSKE Formula E Team are key players in achieving this mission. Backed by the renowned DS Automobiles, the team and its flagship vehicle, the third-generation DS PENSKE FE 23, are the prime example of how clean mobility means efficiency, performance and sustainability. Driven by the desire to build the car of tomorrow, DS PENSKE has been recognized for its innovation mindset and environmental management standards. With Formula E as its stage, and Syensqo in its crew, the team strives to bring its historic achievements on the track to the open road and inspire a new generation of electric cars.


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