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Food Industry

Nourishing the World With Healthier, Safer and Tastier Products

Syensqo remains at the forefront of meeting ever-growing global demand for food and beverage ingredients, flavors and fragrances and food packaging solutions that align with the latest consumer preferences. We continue to emphasize reducing environmental impact and optimizing resource efficiency while catering to the desire for healthier, safer and more natural food and flavor ingredients.

Driven by naturality, health and wellness innovation, we offer a unique, reliable and consistent portfolio, including our flagship solutions: synthetic and natural vanillin, as well as ethylvanillin. 

Areas of Expertise

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Explore Innovative Material Solutions for the Food Industry

Rhovanil® Nat CW is a non-GMO natural vanillin. With over 150 years of proven high quality,  Bicar® Food is the leavening agent of choice for bakers. Also, our powerful disinfectant Proxitane®  is used in cleaning and sanitization processes for safe, rapid microbial control. 

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