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Syensqo solutions for Food & Flavors markets

Food Industry

Inspired by Nature and Science

Syensqo remains at the forefront of meeting the ever-growing global demand for food and beverage ingredients, flavors and fragrances and food packaging solutions that align with the latest consumer preferences, such as the demand for more natural ingredients and clean labels. Our expertise in natural food and flavor products is a response to this market shift, focusing on innovative solutions that provide exceptional benefits without compromising taste or quality. We continue to emphasize reducing environmental impact and optimizing resource efficiency while catering to the desire for healthier, safer and more natural food and flavor ingredients.

More than 130 years of legacy in the flavor field

Syensqo’s journey in the flavor industry began with the first mass production and commercialization of synthetic vanillin in 1894Rhône-Poulenc, and later Rhodia—marking the beginning of a legacy in flavor and food products supply. This historic operation would ultimately join Solvay in 2011, solidifying over 130 years as a market leader and pioneer. Today, Syensqo continues this tradition by offering a diverse portfolio of synthetic vanillin, natural vanillin and ethyl vanillin solutions, addressing the increasing consumer demand for affordable, cleaner, more natural ingredients for food and beverage markets, as well as for the flavor and fragrance industry.

In addition, Syensqo is a key player in the packaging industry, supplying a wide range of high-performance polymer solutions for various food contact wraps, packages and other applications. Our portfolio includes water-based gas and vapor barrier coatings and plastics for films, casings and bottles.

A Future Focused on Health and Sustainability

Syensqo’s role in the food and flavor industry is underscored by our commitment to enhancing consumer health and reducing environmental impact. With over a century of expertise in flavor innovation and a growing focus on packaging solutions to enhance shelf life and decrease waste, we are well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of the various food and flavor markets, including Food and Beverage IngredientsFlavor and Fragrances and Food Packaging. Join us in our journey towards creating a healthier, safer and more flavorful world.

Areas of Expertise

Syensqo's pioneering journey in the food and flavor industry is bolstered by our extensive global reach and commitment to supply security. We blend tradition with cutting-edge technology such as biotechnology to continuously fortify our contributions in food and beverage ingredients, flavors and fragrances and food packaging.

Why Choose Syensqo?

At Syensqo, we combine our commitment to delivering excellence in the food and flavor industry with a robust global presence. Our dedication to maintaining the highest standards ensures that our ingredients enhance the quality and safety of food and beverage products globally, backed by a reliable and secure supply chain.

  • Products Purity

Syensqo’s Food ingredients and Flavors are produced under rigorous quality control protocols, ensuring exceptional purity levels. This is vital in maintaining the integrity of flavors and nutritional values in food and beverage products. Our meticulous production processes eliminate impurities that could affect taste, smell, consistency and safety, thereby ensuring that the final products meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

  • Transparency in Sourcing

At Syensqo, we understand the importance of traceability in today’s food and flavor supply chain. We maintain full control of our material sourcing and distribution, all throughout the value chain, ensuring transparency and building trust with our customers. Traceability is not only a tool for quality assurance but also a commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainability.

  • Food Safety Compliance

Food safety compliance is non-negotiable in the food and flavor industry. Syensqo’s ingredients are formulated to comply with global food safety standards and regulations (FS 22000, ISO norms…). We stay abreast of regulatory changes and advancements to ensure our products meet current food safety guidelines. Our team of experts works diligently to ensure that our ingredients adhere to the legal requirements in various regions, thereby safeguarding consumer health and supporting our customers' market access.

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Discover our product portfolio

Our portfolio includes Rhovanil® Natural CW,  a non-GMO natural vanillin range and Rhovanil® Mass Balance, the first ISCC PLUS-Certified mass-balance vanillin, among other high-performance solutions

Discover our product portfolio