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Resources, Environment & Energy

Responsible Solutions for a Cleaner, More Productive Planet

Across industrial sectors, companies face growing pressure to manage resources responsibly while improving performance and profitability. With decades of experience in markets related to natural resource use, clean energy and environmental purification, Syensqo is the ideal partner for customers committed to a sustainable future. Our products and solutions mitigate emissions, boost yield, improve renewable energy systems, and enable purification and reuse of natural resources. Whether at a mine site, an industrial complex, a rig, a water treatment plant or another highly regulated environment, our global teams and proven technologies deliver sustainable results for our customers. Learn more about our capabilities, and let’s work together.

Areas of Expertise


A Versatile Portfolio of Solutions for Resources, Environment and Energy Applications

Syensqo offers customers an expansive portfolio of products and tailor-made solutions that enable the sustainable use of critical resources. Our innovative materials and chemical formulations help organizations optimize performance, safety and cost while achieving regulatory compliance. Explore our products for the Resource, Environment and Energy markets.

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