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Industrial Applications

Discover High-Performance Solutions for Industrial Applications

With the growing importance of sustainability and environmentally conscious manufacturing, the global industrial market faces ever stricter regulations and progressively challenging demands. Industrial manufacturers must continuously evolve to create innovative processing methods and competitive advantages for reliable, long-term product solutions. Syensqo remains a global leader in industrial manufacturing markets with the broadest portfolio of protective coatings, surface treatment products, industrial equipment protection additives and solvents and industrial packaging materials. 

Syensqo's pillar of sustainability drives the continuous development of ultra and high-performance polymers strategically designed to meet critical industrial requirements in today’s harshest environments. Each of our material solutions - from resilient specialty polymers to anti-corrosion additives and UV-resistant coatings - is equipped with a unique combination of performance properties to ensure product longevity, performance efficacy, and processing efficiency.

Areas of Expertise

Structure of steel roof frame for building construction on sky background.

Explore Innovative Solutions for the Industrial Market

Syensqo offers a broad range of material solutions to help manufacturers and designers around the world meet demanding regulations and complex performance requirements.

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