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Father with daughter on shoulders near wind turbines at sunset.


Science that powers sustainability

As the global population continues to grow at a rapid pace and exerting pressure on resources, the need for forward-thinking sustainable solutions and creating a more just and fair society becomes increasingly urgent. At Syensqo, we recognize that environmental sustainability is intrinsically linked with social responsibility.

Currently, more than 80% of our innovation pipeline is focused on creating sustainable solutions. We aim to enhance the adoption of circular practices by having 18% of our sales enabling a circular economy by 2030. Chemistry is a key player for material transformation - it is through chemistry we can achieve the use of renewable resources, contribute to product longevity, and enable the reuse of products without compromising their quality or value. The future will see us increasingly focus on advancing the transformation of value chains to circular business models in the chemical sector.

Reducing our impact on the environment, however, requires a holistic view of sustainability - one that looks at our suppliers and customers’ carbon footprint and our own.

That’s why, as a company, we’re on track to become carbon neutral by 2040. Globally, 65% of our sites are powered solely by renewable electricity, and our sites in China and the U.S. use 100% renewable electricity. 

Focus and targets drive our sustainability performance 

We’re committed to investing in and driving sustainable growth. To help ensure our ambitions turn into actions, our targets are centered around the three areas where we believe we can have the biggest positive impact: Climate and Nature, Sustainable Growth, and Better Life.

Through these pillars we’re focusing on how we can improve circumstances for individuals, as well as care for the environment. 


In the future, we aspire to roll out our living wage commitment throughout the entire value chain. This includes assessing the practices of our suppliers and urging them to uphold similar standards and introduce fair wages for their employees.

“Sustainability is not just an ethical obligation; it is also a strategic advantage, as it aligns with the evolving values of our customers and partners. That’s why we are reinventing circular chemistry.”  Ilham Kadri, Syensqo CEO

Ilham Kadri, Syensqo CEO
men walking on the roof near the solar panels

Thanks to Syensqo One Planet, our holistic sustainability roadmap, we’ve significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), embraced internal carbon pricing, and implemented numerous energy transition projects in our sites worldwide, putting us well on track to reach carbon neutrality by 2040

Governance: ensuring transparency and accountability

Steps we’ve taken to hold ourselves accountable – to our employees, investors, customers, and others we work with – include creating an environmental, social and governance Board Committee to ensure we’re on track with these commitments. We’ve also integrated sustainability metrics into our incentive system, meaning that when we meet our sustainability objectives, everybody in Syensqo benefits.

And we have incorporated the Ten Principles of the UN Nations Global Compact initiative into our strategies, policies, and procedures. This includes committing to key principles such as supporting human rights, working against forced and child labor, and more. These principles help us keep our culture of integrity, ensuring everything we do is right for the planet, and its people.

Our sustainability pillars

We embed our One Planet commitments into the way we innovate, invest, and produce. Discover Syensqo’s sustainability commitments across our three pillars.