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Syensqo Capital Market Days

Shareholders' meetings

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A special gathering opportunity

The Annual Shareholders’ Meeting is a special opportunity for us to meet our shareholders. Regardless of the number of shares they hold, all shareholders are invited to attend this event, to talk with Syensqo’s Management, learn about the Group’s results and objectives, and take part in the decision-making process.

2024 Resolutions, Q&A and presentations

2024 AGM CEO presentationEN
2024 AGM Chair of the Board speechEN
2024 AGM resolutionsEN - FR - NL
2024 AGM Q&AEN

 2024 AGM documentation

Press notice EN - FR - NL
Notice of the Shareholders’ meetingEN - FR - NL
Shareholders’ meeting agendaEN - FR - NL
Explanatory noteEN - FR - NL
Notice of attendanceEN - FR - NL
ProxyEN - FR - NL
Vote by correspondenceEN - FR - NL
Shareholder letterEN
Additional Information on performance measures within the Remuneration PolicyEN