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A non-stop flight around the world, emission-free

An adventure to herald the future of hydrogen-powered flight

Climate Impulse is the new environmental and technological endeavor led by Swiss pilot and explorer Bertrand Piccard. It will be the first hydrogen plane to fly non-stop around the world - a nine-day, emission-free circumnavigation of the globe that is set to create a paradigm shift.

Bertrand Piccard will undertake this journey in 2028, alongside co-pilot and composite engineer Raphaël Dinelli, and with Syensqo as his first and main technological partner. The coming four years will be dedicated to manufacturing the aircraft’s parts and conducting test flights.


Three adventures in one

  1. At its core, Climate Impulse is a human adventure: that of Bertrand Piccard and Raphaël Dinelli, of the many teams at Syensqo who will be working to provide the unique and custom technologies that will make this challenge possible and of all those who will follow this adventure from the ground!
  2. With breakthrough innovation at the heart of the project, Climate Impulse is also a technological adventure. Beyond the production of green hydrogen from renewable energy, maintaining it at -253°C for nine days will represent a real breakthrough in aviation technology. Climate Impulse aims to develop and test in real-life conditions cutting-edge technologies that make the impossible possible! Climate Impulse is a European project with global reach. Parts will be manufactured and test flights conducted in France.
  3. Last but not least, Climate Impulse is an ecological adventure. The project concretely tackles the huge challenge of reducing the aviation industry’s carbon footprint, recognizing the urgent need to revolutionize this sector thanks to innovative solutions. If a round-the-world flight on a hydrogen-powered aircraft proves possible, a strong signal will be sent to the aviation industry - and to the mobility sector as a whole.

This challenge, made possible by Syensqo's expertise and technological know-how, aligns with our company’s lifelong purpose of using science to advance humanity. Our shared ambition is simple: to invent tomorrow's sustainable world.


We want to give an impulse to climate action, to show that nothing is impossible.

Bertrand Piccard, Swiss pilot and explorer

We have a 160-year legacy of pushing the limits of science for the benefit of society. We’ve always believed in Bertrand Piccard’s dreams and want to make them true.

Ilham Kadri, CEO Syensqo