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Ethics & Compliance

Ethics and Compliance

We act with integrity in everything we do

Behaving ethically and ensuring compliance is important to everyone at Syensqo. Our Ethics & Compliance program and Code of Business Integrity are central to what we stand for. It’s at the heart of what we believe in:

Purposeful Responsibility

We’re committed to working ethically, safely and sustainably. These values underpin our purpose: bringing people, ideas, and material together to drive progress.

Unity, Not Uniformity

We value and respect the individual and recognize that our personal contributions have the greatest impact when we work together. By overcoming unconscious bias and accepting everyone for who they truly are, we can unlock the full potential of our colleagues and create an environment in which everyone can thrive.

Passion for Performance

We go beyond the expected, pushing the boundaries and applying innovative thinking to existing challenges. But Passion for Performance doesn’t mean achieving success at the expense of our principles. We always uphold our code of ethics in our pursuit of progress.

“I consider integrity a non-negotiable priority: it is the ONLY way to do business at Syensqo. It is the Syensqoway. Syensqo is our new home, and we are all individually responsible for protecting its business, reputation, and people”

Ilham Kadri, Syensqo CEO