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Supplier Days

Our supplier engagement program kicked off in April 2021, with a series of three events: the inspiration days, the working days, which involved a series of thematic workshops, and, in March 2022, the supplier engagement days and award ceremony.

These initiatives gave gives us the opportunity to align, discuss, and brainstorm with our suppliers, turning exchanges about sustainability into concrete projects and actions that both we and our suppliers can execute. 

This was the start of a journey we want to continue to  explore with our suppliers, collaborating to build a more sustainable future together. We want the program to serve as a catalyst for innovation and expect our suppliers to challenge us to raise the bar.

We look forward to continued collaboration with our suppliers and encourage all of you to continue submitting collaborative projects and innovative ideas to improve the sustainability of our supply chains.


Together for Sustainability

Syensqo is a member of Together for Sustainability (TfS), a global, procurement-driven initiative aimed at assessing and improving the sustainability performance of chemical companies and their suppliers. By sharing supplier evaluations among the 50 global chemical companies who are members, we can avoid duplicating efforts and ensure consistent sustainability standards across the entire chemical supply chain.

The initiative’s key partner and specialized service provider EcoVadis carries out all TfS sustainability performance assessments.

TfS is also working to address the challenges of climate change, and improve the chemical industry’s knowledge of sustainable supply chains and Scope 3 emissions. TfS members created the first Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) Guidelines, aimed at enabling chemical companies and suppliers to share and develop high-quality carbon footprint data. In line with this initiative, Syensqo is calling on our top suppliers to collect and share the product carbon footprint of the raw materials they supply.


Supplier code of Business Integrity

Before entering into a business relationship, we expect all suppliers to commit to our Supplier Code of Business Integrity. The document is part of our sourcing process and purchasing contracts. It is non-negotiable and includes fundamental conditions relating to compliance, human rights, working conditions for employees and sustainability.

Our Supplier Code of Business Integrity is fully aligned with our corporate social responsibility (CSR) agreements with the IndustriALL Global Union. It is inspired by the UN Global Compact principles, as well as Responsible Care® practices.


Supplier Speak Up

Integrity is non-negotiable for Syensqo. To ensure integrity, we must create an environment in which our suppliers and partners are confident and comfortable to speak up if they witness any suspected violations of Syensqo’s ethics and compliance standards or have any concerns.

We encourage anyone, whether working for Syensqo directly or indirectly, to report any possible violations of policies, laws, and regulations, or any suspected breaches of our Code of Business Integrity or Supplier Code of Business Integrity.

If you, as a Syensqo supplier, have witnessed any breach of our ethical policies, you can report it through the Syensqo Ethics Helpline. Every report will be carefully reviewed by our Ethics and Compliance team, who also will carry out an investigation if appropriate.

Examples include breaches related to: bribery and corruption; use of group assets; embezzlement or theft; fair competition or antitrust;  conflict of interest; gifts and entertainment; financial records and accounting; data privacy; health and safety in the workplace; use of the internet or social media; harassment or inappropriate behavior; and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Useful documents

Supplier Code Business Integrity


Sustainable Sourcing Statement - Palm Oil


Conflict Minerals Policy