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Major shareholders

Syensqo major shareholders structure

Solvac SA

Solvac SA is a public limited liability company incorporated under Belgian law in 1983. Its assets consist exclusively of the Syensqo shares and Solvay SA shares. Solvac SA shares are traded on Euronext Brussels. It has approximately 14,000 shareholders.

According to the latest transparency declaration dated February 15, 2024, Solvac SA crossed the threshold of 30% upwards on December 11, 2023, holding 30.81% of Syensqo's share capital and therefore 30.81% of voting rights. This percentage results from the fact that Solvac SA held 30.81% of Solvay SA share capital and voting rights at the time of the partial demerger of Solvay SA.

BlackRock Inc.

According to the latest transparency declaration dated June 4, 2024, BlackRock Inc. crossed the threshold of 3% downwards, holding 3.61% of total voting rights of Syensqo SA.

Threshold notifications

Syensqo’s by-laws require any shareholder holding voting rights equal or superior to 3% to declare this shareholding to the company and the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA). Any crossing of the first threshold of 3% and thereafter of 5%, 7.5% or any multiple of 5% is subject to this declaration. 

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