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Syensqo Ventures

Pioneering solutions through science

With a commitment to pushing boundaries, Syensqo actively engages with and invests in partnerships and discovery processes to develop sustainable solutions that address complex challenges. 

Our team transforms scientific research and technologies into game-changing industrial applications through open innovation, bold collaborations, and a commitment to innovative thinking, wherever it comes from. 

Investing in sustainable change

Through our venture capital fund, Syensqo Ventures, we partner with early-stage startups to make a positive impact on the world. The companies we invest in are pioneering new technologies that address major human challenges associated with resource scarcity, climate change and quality of life, by focusing on sustainable advanced materials. The startups we support operate in areas such as energy, cleantech, industry 5.0, mobility, healthtech, and biotech. 

We act as an accelerator, working with startups to help bring their innovations to the world  and support them to become high-growth and high-impact companies. Our strategic returns come not only from our financial investments but also from the innovation, expertise and resources we’re able to share with our portfolio companies. By working as partners with them, we create shared opportunities for sustainable growth and innovation within our businesses. 

Some recent key investments include:  

Compact Membrane Systems (CMS)

This US company has developed a unique membrane-based separation technology that captures CO2 at the cost and scale required to decarbonate hard-to-abate industries. Syensqo’s specialty polymers business can provide the durability, performance and form factor required. 

Genesis Consortium

The consortium enables Syensqo to support startups participating in SOSV’s IndeiBio startup development program. The program offerts a portfolio of early-stage, venture-backed companies with connections vital to Syenqo markets, such as agritech, food, bio-based materials, and personal care. This investment supports our consumer and resources businesses and our renewable materials and biotechnology growth platforms, providing early access to technology and partnership opportunities. 

Investing in future innovative talent

In addition to our Syensqo Ventures activities, Syensqo maintains partnerships with academic institutions and universities worldwide. These partnerships allow us to explore and accelerate promising new technologies within key strategic development areas and to enhance our capabilities accordingly. 

In 2023, we established a new partnership in biotechnology with Ginkgo Bioworks, located in the US. In Europe, we strengthened our existing partnerships and signed a collaboration agreement with the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). This partnership aims to advance science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education, reinforcing our commitment to fostering innovation and knowledge-sharing within the region. 

In China, we signed agreements with two esteemed institutions, Fudan University and Easy China University of Science and Technology. These agreements encompass scholarships, training initiatives for exceptional students, and upstream research programs focusing on simulation and catalysis.

Moreover, our Syensqo Ventures team, alongside partners like BCG, L'Oréal, and Safran, has long been a key sponsor of the Hello Tomorrow network, driving forward innovative projects and facilitating connections in the global innovation ecosystem.

Syensqo Ventures includes

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