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Syensqo Ventures

Pioneering solutions through science

Syensqo is at the forefront of driving change. We foster a culture of exploration, creative thinking and problem-solving, throughout our scientific, industrial, and technological ecosystems.

With a commitment to pushing boundaries, we actively engage with and invest in partnerships and discovery processes, to develop sustainable solutions that address complex challenges. Our team transforms scientific research and technologies into game-changing industrial applications by being bold, embracing collaboration, and having a commitment to innovative thinking wherever it comes from. 


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Syensqo Ventures – investing in sustainable change

Through our venture capital fund, Syensqo Ventures, we partner with early-stage startups to make a positive impact on the world. The companies we invest in are pioneering new technologies with the potential to drive change and spur progress, focusing on sustainable advanced materials.

We act as an accelerator, working with startups to help bring their innovations to the world – and help them become high-growth and high-impact companies.

Syensqo invests in startups globally, in areas such as energy, cleantech, industry 5.0, mobility, healthtech and biotech.

Our strategic returns come not only from our financial investments but from the innovation, expertise and resources we’re able to share with our portfolio companies. By working as partners with them, we create shared opportunities for sustainable growth.

Syensqo Ventures includes

global evergreen fund

 with reserves for future financing rounds

Portfolio companies

18 portfolio, 4 funds

investment professionals

across North America, Europe and Asia

The team

Matthew Jones

US, Managing Partner

Coppelia Marincovic

US, Partner

Peter Vanlaeke

Belgium, Partner - Europe

Thomas Sayan

France, Senior Associate - Europe

Ellen Ye

China, Principal -China

Jingyuan Xiao

China, Associate. - China

Vincent Di Marco

Knowledge and Competitive Intelligence Manager - Europe