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Share buyback

General information

In accordance with article 7:215 of the Belgian Code of Companies and Associations, Syensqo SA (“Syensqo” or the “Company”) announces the launch of a share buyback program, effective as of 25 June 2024 (the “Share Buyback Program”).

The repurchase of Syensqo shares under the Share Buyback Program intends to cover current and future obligations under Syensqo's current Long Term Incentive Plans for its employees.

Under this program, Syensqo may acquire a maximum of 983,000 Syensqo shares. The Share Buyback Program commences on 25 June 2024 and will run until 20 December 2024 at the latest. The Share Buyback Program may be suspended or discontinued at any time and any shares acquired under the Share Buyback Program will be held as treasury shares.

The Share Buyback Program will be carried out under the terms and conditions of the authorization granted by the Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of the Company on 8 December 2023 and will be implemented and executed by an independent financial intermediary under the terms of a discretionary mandate agreement.

The timing of the share buybacks will depend on a variety of factors, including market conditions. Syensqo will provide regular updates on the progress of its share purchases, in accordance with applicable legislation.


In the framework of this Share Buyback Program, covering the buyback of a maximum of 983,000
Syensqo shares, Syensqo announces that it has repurchased 51,100 Syensqo shares in the period
from 8 July 2024 up to and including 12 July 2024, as follows:

Date of purchaseMarket / MTFNumber of sharesAverage price paid (Total (€)Lowest price paid (€)Highest price paid (€)
Total51,100 4,243,325.47  

As of 12 July 2024, the Company held a total of 844,020 own shares, spread out as follows:

  •  192,648 Syensqo shares in the framework of the Share Buyback Program; and
  • 651,372 Syensqo shares by Syensqo Stock Option Management SRL (“SSOM”), a wholly owned
    indirect subsidiary of the Company.