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Driving positive change

At Syensqo, we explore and maximize the immense possibilities of science. We innovate to find solutions to the world's biggest challenges, driving discoveries that advance science, society, and humanity.

“Innovation is at the heart of our strategy; it will fuel our growth and accelerate value creation.“

Mike Finelli Chief Technology and Innovation Officer (CTIO)

Two key factors drive innovation at Syensqo. The first is customer-driven innovation. We are obsessed with understanding our customers’ challenges and providing them with tailored solutions to address these challenges effectively, creating long-term value for them and their own customers. 

Second factor is the global megatrends that drive consumer markets and that will shape our society and planet for decades to come. These trends include electrification, lightweighting, advanced connectivity, resource efficiency, sustainable sourcing, and quality of life. Our four Growth Platforms are well-positioned to address these disruptive trends and leverage them to further fuel our innovation pipeline and growth. Around 80% of our innovation pipeline is based on sustainable solutions. 

With 15% of our people working in Research & Innovation, we have a diverse and talented team of explorers to create best-in class technologies that will solve our customers’ challenges and enable the transition to a carbon-neutral world.

R&I Key figures

major R&I sites
workforce in R&I
Vitality index R&I efforts
patent families

of which >600 filed less than 5 years ago 

Supporting sustainability

The transition to a carbon neutral future requires a radical social transformation, including in how chemistry is applied. Our innovation strategy is supported by our four Growth Platforms, each of which contributes to the decarbonization of our planet. 

Watch Syensqo: accelerating Growth through Platforms on YouTube.

Through our growth platforms, we are contributing to a more circular future by investing in  battery materials, thermoplastic composites,  green hydrogen, and renewable materials and biotechnology. Complemented by the growth and innovation opportunities generated by our Global Business Units, our platforms offer a combined market opportunity of more than €10 billion by 2030, which puts Syensqo in a position to offer groundbreaking solutions that address urgent megatrends and support our customers on their sustainability journey.

Syensqo's Four Growth Platforms



Materials that are helping to power sustainable cities, communities, and technologies. 


For lighter aircraft, more sustainable cars, and high performing energy delivery.


Specialty materials that advance the green hydrogen economy. 

Renewable Materials & Biotechnology

Preserving natural resources and enabling a carbon-neutral future. 


Investing in the future

Through our venture capital fund, Syensqo Ventures, we invest in early-stage startups that create sustainable advanced materials with the potential to make a positive difference. The startups we invest in are aligned with the work we do as a company and mainly focus on new technologies in areas such as cleantech, healthtech and biotech. This means they not only benefit from Syensqo’s financial investment, but also have access to our innovation expertise and resources. Similarly, Syensqo benefits from these relationships by providing opportunities for collaboration, innovation and growth acceleration within our businesses. 

In addition to our Syensqo Venture activities, we also partner with key institutes and universities worldwide. These partnerships help us explore potential technologies in core strategic areas of development and also offer Syensqo the opportunity to develop our own capabilities. 

Climate Impulse

A non-stop flight around the world, emission-free

We are the first and the main technological partner of Climate Impulse, a new environmental and technological endeavor led by Bertrand Piccard, to build and fly the first hydrogen plane, non-stop around the world. That’s right, a nine-day, emission-free circumnavigation of the globe!