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Driving positive change

Syensqo recognizes the vital challenges in providing for a growing global population, while caring for the planet. And we believe innovation is the answer to serve both people and the environment.

Exploring and maximizing the immense possibilities of science is what we do at Syensqo. We are explorers who innovate to find solutions to the world's pressing issues. Driving discoveries that advance science, society, and humanity.

Whether through our Growth Platforms that enabling biotechnology and green hydrogen, or our Ventures fund – which provides capital for pioneering new companies with a beneficial impact on the world – we are investing in positive change.


Supporting sustainability

The transition to a carbon neutral future requires a radical social transformation, including in how chemistry is applied. Through our four Growth Platforms, we are supporting a more circular future, investing in renewable materials and biotechnology, battery materials, green hydrogen, and thermoplastics composites.

We’re committed to addressing the biggest challenges facing global societies, from pollution to resource scarcity and overpopulation – in a sustainable way. Our Growth Platforms are designed to help accelerate the path to a sustainable future, providing breakthroughs that open new frontiers for the planet and its people.

Investing in the future

Through our venture capital arm Syensqo Ventures, we invest in early-stage startups that create sustainable advanced materials with the potential to make a positive difference.

We invest in startups globally, across four areas that not only match our expertise and reflect key global business trends but also progress our own sustainability goals. Our portfolio team is focused on new technologies in areas including cleantech, healthtech and biotech. 

Climate Impulse

A non-stop flight around the world, emission-free

We are the first and the main technological partner of Climate Impulse, a new environmental and technological endeavor led by Bertrand Piccard, to build and fly the first hydrogen plane, non-stop around the world. That’s right, a nine-day, emission-free circumnavigation of the globe!

R&I Key figures

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workforce in R&I
Vitality index R&I efforts
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of which >600 filed less than 5 years ago 


Growth Platforms

Explore our Growth Platforms, which accelerate the development of sustainable technologies to help meet the biggest challenges facing the world – in a climate-friendly way.


Syensqo Ventures

Discover our VC, which invests in companies leading the way in sustainable advanced materials, supporting a better future for all.

Microscopic picture of Solvay Aquivion® ionomers used in proton exchange membrane fuel cells

Moving away from Fluorosurfactants

Syensqo has developed a new polymerization process that does not require the use of fluorosurfactants from the PFAS family of chemicals.