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Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship

The Syensqo Philanthropy approach: Advancing Humanity

Syensqo Philanthropy approach is our way of making a lasting, positive difference in the society – not just through our scientific innovations, but also through our commitment to service and giving. We aim to help advance humanity through our work. This is embedded in everything we do, from how we care for our employees and partner with our suppliers, to how we serve our customers and support our communities.

At Syensqo, we’re driven by our conviction that science holds the key to solving society's greatest challenges. We’re focused on turning scientific innovations into real-life solutions that have the potential to transform daily life for individuals on a global scale. And, as a company of scientific explorers, we’re investing in the innovations of the future through our philanthropic endeavors. 

We’re dedicated to supporting a wide range of projects around the world, projects aimed at improving conditions for people and the planet. Our initiatives are centered around three pillars: Protecting the planet, Nurturing Innovation and Fostering Education.

This includes our work with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, NGO with a mission to enable the circular economy, and with the Solar Impulse Foundation – focused on developing solutions that address climate change. It also incorporates the Solvay Institutes, established to support research and ingenuity across chemistry and physics, and CommonLit, an organization that helps students, regardless of background and socioeconomic status, develop advanced reading and writing skills.

Helping people around the world

Our philanthropic efforts have international reach but are also designed to benefit local communities and Syensqo employees. Across each of our three Philanthropy pillars, we work closely with everyone involved to tackle pressing social and environmental issues on a global level. Examples include addressing homelessness and helping alleviate poverty, as well as supporting schools and education initiatives and being involved in cleanups and other environmental programs.