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Consumer Goods

At the Forefront of Sustainable Lifestyles

Manufacturers are turning to innovative materials and chemical solutions to respond to the growing demand for naturally based and sustainable products in industries around the world. Consumer goods are expected to be multifunctional, easy to use, safe and made with components that do not negatively impact the environment. This is not a simple goal that formulators and manufacturers can achieve on their own. Syensqo is here to help. 

With a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for a broad range of consumer industries, Syensqo is committed to providing innovative materials and chemicals that enable consumers to care for themselves, others and the environment. Our solutions can be found in homes, workplaces and communities where consumers enjoy an improved quality of life thanks to safe, effective and fun products. Learn more about our advanced solutions for the Consumer market, and let’s work together to innovate the next generation of sustainable and high-quality products.


Areas of Expertise

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Explore Innovative Materials and Chemical Solutions for Consumer Goods

Discover Syensqo's portfolio for the Consumer market, crafted to meet customers’ stringent needs, specific product requirements and market regulations for a wide range of applications.

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