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Celebrating the power of difference

Dream bigger

At Syensqo, we believe in the importance of recognizing, respecting and celebrating the things that make each of us unique. We understand that it is our differences – visible or not – that will enable us to reach our full potential and unlock new opportunities to advance humanity. 

Promoting human dignity is at the heart of our  diversity, equity, and inclusion approach. It also fuels our partnership with three inspiring para athletes. These international medal winners and record holders share our values of performance, dedication, perseverance and winning drive.

Ambra Sabatini, Kgothatso Montjane, and Trenten Merrill are extraordinary athletes. Role models on and off the track and the court, they demonstrate that nothing is impossible and teach us that unity – not uniformity – is what allows us to achieve exceptional results against all odds.

Ambra Sabatini

The Fastest Para-Atheletic Sprinter in the World

Banner - Ambra

Italy’s Ambra Sabatini has established herself as the fastest para-athletic sprinter in the world. She won the gold medal and set a new world record at each of the last two major international competitions, in 2021 and 2023, becoming the first woman with an above-the-knee amputation to run the 100m sprint in under 14 seconds at the 2023 World Championships. Her world record currently stands at an impressive 13.98 seconds.

Ambra survived a car accident in 2019 that resulted in the amputation of her left leg, just above the knee. After overcoming her initial discouragement, she has gone on to achieve greatness. She began running again with the help of Art4Sport and INAIL, one year after her operation. Just a few years later, she is now setting the standard for others in her sport to aspire to.

Ambra’s journey serves as inspiration for us all. She shows us that periods of loss are temporary, and that while some may experience more hardships than others, we all possess the strength to persevere and overcome adversity. 

A great example of resilience, determination and winning attitude: In this podcast episode, Ambra speaks to our CEO about her passion for sports, the car accident that changed her life, her stunning gold medal in 2021, what business leaders can learn from athletes, her advice for young people and so much more!

Trenten Merrill

Holder of the 2021 American Long Jump Record

Banner - Trenten

Representing Team USA, Trenten Merrill competes in the long jump. In 2021, he set a new American record in this discipline, jumping a distance of 7.75m (25ft 5in).

At the age of 14, Trenten was struck by a car while crossing the street on his dirt bike. The accident resulted in his right foot being amputated, but Trenten had a childhood dream to become a professional athlete, and he wasn’t going to let this setback stop him. A short time after the accident, he was back to competing in volleyball, MMA and motocross.

Trenten first broke the American record for long jump in 2016 and has set the record twice more since then, in 2018 and 2021. In 2023, he produced his best ever US national championships performance and went on to finish fourth at the World Para Championships, missing out on a medal by just one centimeter. His ambition and resilience inspire us to keep striving for better. 

Overcoming challenges to become a record-breaking track and field athlete: Trenten speaks with our CEO about his incredible journey to become one of the world’s top paralympic track and field athletes. He explains his passion for sports, how he stays disciplined, his advice for business leaders and young athletes, and so much more. 

Kgothatso Montjane

Two-time Grand Slam tennis champion

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South African tennis player Kgothatso Montjane (KG) holds 29 singles titles, and was the first black South African woman to ever play at the Wimbledon tennis championships. In 2023, she became a two-time Grand Slam champion, winning the French Open and the US Open alongside her doubles partner Yui Kamiji from Japan.

KG was born with a congenital disorder. At the age of 12, her left leg was amputated below the knee. Showing immense strength and resilience, she has overcome this physical challenge and socioeconomic adversity to become one of the greatest tennis players in the world.

KG is a fighter and a trailblazer. She has broken down barriers in her sport, showing us all how hard work, perseverance and a willingness to never give up can help us to confront the challenges we face and address inequity.

Performance, perseverance AND a desire to go beyond: listen to this podcast episode in which KG talks to our CEO about her incredible journey, her desire to help others, the importance of inclusion in sport, business and life, her advice to young people and much more.