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Jaguar® HP 105 SGI

Product functions: Deposition agent, Repairing / Care agent (Personal Care), Conditioning / Softness / Glide, High conditioning, Low to medium conditioning

Jaguar® HP-105 SGI is ethically and sustainably sourced from guar farming villages in Rajasthan, part of the “Sustainability Guar Initiative” program led by Syensqo. When used into hair conditioners & treatments, Jaguar® HP-105 SGI provides softness to hair, and enhanced homogeneity of hair treatment from the roots to the tips, while contributing to the thickening and stability of the formulas. It enables the reduction of the cationic surfactant level, thus allowing formulators to create formulas with reduced environmental impact. Jaguar® HP-105 SGI can also be used into cleansing formulas to help mitigate surfactants irritation and build the formula texture. It is particularly relevant for the design of mild cleansing products. It is suitable for clear formulas.

INCI name CAS number


Segments Applications End uses
Beauty Care Hair Care Others (Hair Care)
Beauty Care Hair Care Shampoos
Beauty Care Hair Care Conditioners & Masks
Beauty Care Hair Care Hair Treatments

Chemical categories

Chemical category Chemical family Chemical product
Water soluble polymers Biobased Polymers Cationic Guar Derivatives

Product Functions

  • Deposition agent
  • Repairing / Care agent (Personal Care)
  • Conditioning / Softness / Glide
  • High conditioning
  • Low to medium conditioning


Packaging Physical form

Region of availability

  • Not available in Africa & Middle East
  • Asia Pacific
  • Not available in Europe
  • Not available in Latin America
  • Not available in North America

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