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The ultimate goal? Clean mobility through and through

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The Syensqo company, comprising the solutions, activities and markets represented in the article below, was spun off from Solvay group in December 2023.

A new sustainable formula for thermoplastic resin in the EV market

Sustainable mobility doesn’t stop at electrifying cars. The ultimate goal is to ensure that as many components, parts, and functionalities are as “clean” as possible, too. As metal is more frequently being replaced by high-performance plastics in electric vehicles (EV) for lightweighting, design flexibility, and function integration, it only makes sense to provide the automotive industry with material solutions that are as sustainable as can be. 

“When it comes to e-mobility, it’s not just that the vehicles need to emit zero carbon, carmakers are increasingly focusing on the sustainability of the materials they use,” confirms Nicolas Batailley, e-mobility Marketing Manager EMEA at Solvay’s Materials business unit. In fact, he points to a recent trend among manufacturers to require sustainability levels to be included in all quotes.

With that in mind, Solvay - the company that was the first to launch PolyPhthalAmide products 30 years ago - has developed a new PPA innovation designed to meet this growing demand: Amodel® BIOS PPA, our first partially bio-based PPA resin. On top of that, it’s produced using 100% green electricity.

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Biosourced PPA for sustainability

The Amodel® BIOS PPA resin is 22% bio-sourced from non-food competing feedstock. “It has the lowest global warming potential (GWP)* among all PPAs on the market,” says Antonella Di Meo, Specialty Polymers’ Head of Sustainability R&D. “It’s another example of how we are constantly innovating to stay ahead of the curve and respond to the market.”

This new product joins the Amodel® PPA line that has been used for metal replacement in automotive, electronics, consumer and industrial applications for over 25 years due to its remarkable mechanical integrity and its resistance to humidity and chemically aggressive environments. And with a melting point of over 300°C, these polyamides are perfect for electronic processes and assemblies.


“When it comes to e-mobility, it’s not just that the vehicles need to emit zero carbon, carmakers are increasingly focusing on the sustainability of the materials they use.” 

Nicolas Batailley, e-mobility Marketing Manager, Materials, Solvay

The new resin features all these properties, plus high elongation and weldline strength, excellent surface finish and colorability. Plus, it’s electro-friendly, to avoid short-circuits. 

Amodel® BIOS PPA is excellent for producing connectors, sensors, switches and surface mount devices, thanks to its high temperature resistance and dimensional stability, limited water absorption, and low-risk of corrosion, which is key for these components,” adds Nicolas.

The product launched in April 2021, for the good of the e-mobility market and the planet.

*based on data available to Solvay

Did you know....

...that 100% of Solvay’s US-based Specialty Polymers production is powered by solar energy?

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According to the Solar Energy Industries Association's Solar Means Business report