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Metal Cleaning

MirataineⓇ JC HA

Low foam P-free hydrotrope with excellent wetting properties

Reduction of Phosphorous in waste water

In response to the growing demand for reducing Phosphorous levels in waste water, Syensqo has developed a range of P-free hydrotropes that allows formulators to offer stable one-pack cleaners with additional benefits. Mirataine JC HA is a P-free hydrotrope suitable for low to middle level alkaline conditions. 


Features and benefits

  • Phosphorous-free
  • Biodegradable
  • Compatible with various builders (up to 20% NaOH)
  • Low foam
  • Good wetting agent


Improving metal cleaning

Reducing cleaning temperature may be a strong trend in the current market, but it can result in cleaning performance and greater foam. To compensate for this loss in cleaning performance, surfactant and builder levels can be increased,but will lead to solubility issues that require the use of hydrotropes. Mirataine JC HA is a P-free hydrotrope that is compatible with various builders. 

MirataineⓇ JC HA - Improving metal cleaning

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MirataineⓇ JC HA, hydrotrope with extra benefits

MirataineⓇ JC HA - Improvied surface tension



Outstanding wetting properties for improved wetting

Mirataine JC HA displays low surface tension and can contribute to better wetting and improved cleaning.

The test illustration on the left shows Dynamic Surface tension @ 60s. 





Low foam hydrotrope takes on current challenges in the metal processing industry

Increasing productivity and reducing cleaning temperature leads to higher expectations for reducing the foam generated by cleaning systems. 
Mirataine JC HA has a foam level lower than that of the conventional and best seller Rhodafac H66, making it more suitable to meet new requirements.


Comparison between Mirataine JC HA and Rhodafac H66

MirataineⓇ JC HA - Comparison vs Rhodafac