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Digital Technology

Digital Technology

Unlocking the power of digital innovation

Are you captivated by the endless possibilities of digital advancements? Are you driven by the foresight of emerging market trends? Collaborate closely with our dynamic digital and technology teams, contributing value to thousands of colleagues, customers, and partners worldwide.

At Syensqo, we're delving deeper into the realm of big data, machine learning, and analytics to craft superior solutions for our clientele. Join our quest and pioneer AI-driven innovations, ranging from swift production line diagnostics and plant optimization to streamlined virtual environments and enhanced productivity tools. Implement groundbreaking solutions and be a catalyst in steering the field of chemistry towards an environmentally neutral footprint.


  • Relevant Bachelor’s or Master’s degree
  • Experience in Business or IT domains
  • Keen eye for exceptional UI and UX design
  • Mindset that embraces continuous improvement

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