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28 Feb 2024
28 Feb 2024

Webinar "Empowering Sustainable Growth: Unleashing the Potential of AI at the Core of Science and Technology Enterprises"

AI has become a transformative force in chemistry.

Deep-tech startups who want to cut through the noise need to understand how AI is shaping the chemical and material industry. This spans the development of ground-breaking materials and applications to expediting industrial processes and enhancing customer focus.

With a dedicated team of over 2,000, Syensqo is fueled by a passion to revolutionize the way we do science and advance humanity. The company is at the forefront of merging AI and science to reshape the industry landscape and unlock new potentials at every stage of the journey

Join us in collaboration with Hello Tomorrow, BCG X, Microsoft and the University of Toronto for a dynamic panel discussion on  February 28th at 2PM CET. Together we will explore the role of AI as a transformative force shaping the chemical and materials industry, from the discovery of  new molecules to the rapid development of innovative materials, offering a competitive advantage to both startups and corporations alike.

The panelists:

  • Vincent Colegrave - Global Head of Digital Transformation - Syensqo

  • Rainbow Lo, PhD - Chemistry and Materials Expert - Hello Tomorrow

  • Nicolas de Bellefonds - Managing Director & Senior Partner - BCG X

  • Yury Gomez - Global Chief Commercial & Strategy Head of Process Manufacturing Industries - Microsoft

  • Alán Aspuru-Guzik - Professor of Chemistry and Computer Science - University of Toronto 

During this exciting discussion, these experts will provide valuable insights derived from real-world use cases spanning the past decade. Delving into these practical examples, they will decode emerging trends within the industry, offering a forward-looking perspective. 

Do not forget to register and join us for an engaging session that promises to broaden your understanding of the transformative impact of AI in the chemical and materials industry.

As proud sponsors of Hello Tomorrow, we will also be present at Hello Tomorrow Global Summit, on March 21st and 22nd, 2024Learn more here.

Syesnqo Ventures at Hello Tomorrow Global Summit 2024