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Employee Resource groups

Employee resource groups: representation matters

Employee resource groups (ERGs) play a pivotal role in shaping our inclusive culture. These internal communities celebrate and support the diversity within our teams. The thriving Syensqo ERGs create a platform for networking, mentorship, and professional development, ensuring all our employees feel valued and are represented. We invite everyone at Syensqo to get involved with them.

Discover our ERGs

A.D.A.P.T is dedicated to creating a community for Syensqo colleagues with visible and invisible disabilities, as well as for allies, and careers for individuals with disabilities. 

The LGBTQ+ Alliance's mission is to promote the visibility of LGBTQ+ employees, create an environment for colleagues to share experiences and to mobilize support when needed. It also advocates for LGBTQ+ related policies and recommendations and enhances LGBTQ+ inclusiveness across Syensqo.

SAAEG aims to build a fully inclusive workforce for African American employees at Syensqo. The group’s work is centered around the pillars of representation, inclusion, and community engagement.

SYPN seeks to forge connections across generations by organizing events for young professionals at which all Syensqo employees are welcome. Their goal is to create a space for discussion that encourages individual and collective growth and contributes to writing the future of Syensqo. 

Voice of Asia is a space that offers support to Asian employees at Syensqo, creating opportunities for professional development and to have a bigger impact on the company. The ERG brings Asians and non-Asians together through cultural exchange and promotes dialogue around Asian talent development strategies with Syensqo leadership.

X-Factor aspires to improve the culture of inclusion and diversity at Syensqo by ensuring the company attracts, retains, and progresses women. This community provides opportunities for women talent to improve recognition through mentorship, networking, and professional development.