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Responsible Care policy

Syensqo is committed to safeguard People and the Environment by continuously improving its environmental, health and safety performance, the security of facilities, processes and technologies, and chemical product safety and stewardship throughout the supply chain, in line with Syensqo’s signature of the ICCA’s Responsible Care Global Charter®.

This is achieved via effective processes:

  • Conducting activities in accordance with Syensqo’s Procedures and Guidelines on Occupational safety, Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Health, Process safety, Transport safety, Environment, Product Safety, Security;
  • Local HSE Management Systems consistent with Syensqo’s requirements;
  • Product Stewardship Management Systems, including the systematic assessment of safer alternatives for hazardous substances of concern; 
  • Security practices based on the Responsible Care Security Code;
  • Continuous improvement of performance via compliance audits, risk identification and self-assessments; 
  • Improvements regarding environmental impacts, climate change, people safety, along targets defined within our sustainability strategy;
  • Energy Efficiency and Energy transition programs in industrial sites;
  • Benchmark of our sustainability management and performance.