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Inauguration Application Development Lab Bollate Italy

Syensqo inaugurates Application Development Labs in Bollate, Italy

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The Italian excellence center will develop innovative Specialty Polymers solutions crucial for green mobility, energy efficiency, sustainable sourcing, and more

Syensqo is opening state-of-the-art Application Development Labs (ADL) in Bollate that will be dedicated to developing applications for the technologies and materials of the future. 

The project includes an expansion of 1,300 square meters in a new energy-efficient building and represents a €10 million investment over the past 3 years. This project comes less than a year after inaugurating the "Dry Room" laboratory for lithium batteries, reaffirming the Bollate Research Center’s pivotal role in developing new applications for high-tech industries’ evolving needs.

It will enhance Syensqo’s offering of specialty polymers solutions that are crucial for green mobility, energy efficiency, sustainable sourcing, and more. The new laboratories also boost the research center's scientific workforce by 30%.

The ADL research center in Bollate is working in close collaboration with Syensqo’s other application development labs all over the world, such as the ones in Alpharetta in the U.S, Seoul in Korea, Fuji in Japan, Shanghai in China and Brussels in Belgium. 

“Research and Innovation lies in Syensqo’s DNA with over 2.000 scientists working together worldwide. We are thrilled to inaugurate this new project, which is a concrete demonstration of our ambition to be the prime innovation partners of our customers. We want them to benefit from our innovation power and work hand in hand with them on the new technologies that will enable a more sustainable world.”

Ilham Kadri, CEO of Syensqo

“Our ADL is a network of professionals and state of the art R&I facilities leveraging local excellence to deliver sustainable global solutions."

Francesco Triulzi, Head of Application Development Labs Global

The ADL in Bollate was officially inaugurated on February 15, 2024 in the presence of local authorities.

Inauguration Application Development Lab Bollate Italy
Inauguration Application Development Lab Bollate Italy
Inauguration Application Development Lab Syensqo

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