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CYCOM 5250-4

Product functions: High Service Temperature (>150°C)
350°F to 400°F (177°C to 204°C) curing bismaleimide resin with a service temperature range of -75°F to 400°F (-59°C to 204°C). High-strain carbon fibers and improved damage-resistance. | 28 days outlife at 21°C (70°F)Product Form: BMI | Out Time (days): 28 | Temp: 482 (250) | Cure Flex: 356 - 446 (180 - 230) | Process: autoclave, press


Segments Applications End uses
Propulsion Nacelles Thurst reversers
Advanced Air Mobility Air Taxis / Heavy Goods Cargos Battery Enclosures
Space Launch Vehicles Structures
Defense Next-generation aircraft

Processing Method

  • Autoclave

Chemical categories

Chemical category Chemical family Chemical product
Composite materials Thermoset composite BMI

Product Functions

  • High Service Temperature (>150°C)


Physical form
Structural Prepregs

Region of availability

  • Africa & Middle East
  • Not available in Asia Pacific
  • Europe
  • Not available in Latin America
  • North America

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