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Webinar: Formulating without Compromise

Sustainability in Coatings: Formulating without Compromise

Strict environmental regulations, retailer guidelines, and growing consumer demand for more environmentally friendly products have led to a new set of restrictions in the coatings industry. 

Paint manufacturers are challenged with developing products that tick off a growing list of sustainability requirements, while maintaining the high-quality performance and durability standards consumers have come to expect. For many paint and coating producers, this delicate balancing act between sustainability and performance is a stumbling block – often the two are mutually exclusive. 

In this webinar, our experts will present how our innovative paint and coating solutions enable formulators to meet performance and sustainability standards. We will discuss:

  • Syensqo's sustainability strategy and how this translates to our paint and coating solutions.
  • How to formulate sustainable and high-performing solutions with a focus on APE-free formulations.
  • How our proprietary Sustainable Portfolio Management (SPM) methodology enables Solvay to improve the sustainability of our portfolio.
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