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Heating Industry Advances in Metal Replacement

Today’s OEMs need longer lasting and more sophisticated components to replace traditionally used metals in heating systems. Syensqo offers a wide array of specially formulated polymers that outperform traditional metal-based products, combat corrosion and creep and ensure durability when exposed to chlorinated water, high temperatures and extreme pressure. Our portfolio of specialty polymers offer superior stability and resistance properties to promote durable, longer lasting heating systems. 

Specialty Polymers Offer Excellent Creep Resistance

Heating systems require outstanding resistance to creep to ensure longer lasting components and enable higher performing systems than those manufactured with traditional metals. Syensqo’s innovative polymer formulas maintain excellent dimensional stability, ductility, rigidity and hydrophobicity to ensure outstanding endurance against unavoidable mechanical stress. The ultra-resistant properties in our products offer consistent and dependable performance of advanced heating systems over extended periods of time. 

Specialty Polymers Prevent Corrosion

Exposure to hot chlorinated water can have a profound impact on plastic and metal components, causing them to become brittle or soft, corrode or change their shape, all of which result in eventual part failure. Materials that exhibit reliable chemical and corrosion resistance are essential to ensuring system longevity and durability. Syensqo’s specialty polymers are designed to maintain their original dimensions and mechanical strength when exposed to hot chlorinated water over long-term use. Our high-performing materials offer a range of cost and performance options to outperform competing materials and combat corrosion in advanced heating system components, such as valves, pump and boiler components, and various pipes. 

Specialty Polymers Resist Water Absorption

Heating system components must be able to withstand continuous exposure to hot chlorinated water without absorbing moisture or losing hydrolytic stability. Syensqo formulates their high-performance specialty polymers to retain mechanical properties and exhibit low water absorption over extended periods of time, even in environments with significant amounts of steam and humidity. In comparison to traditional metals, Syensqo’s durable and sustainable materials provide advanced systems with unmatched dimensional stability, impressive hydrophobicity and ensure longer cycle life for the overall heating system.