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How Specialty Polymers Produce More Durable Heating Systems

How Specialty Polymers Produce More Durable Heating Systems

Today’s OEMs need materials that create increasingly durable and longer-lasting heating system components. Specialty polymers exhibit superior induction, strength and resistance properties in comparison to traditionally used metals to withstand extreme environments and reduce part failure. Syensqo formulates its broad portfolio of specialty polymers with excellent thermal insulation, outstanding dimensional stability and impressive tensile strength in a variety of applications for heating systems. 

Superior Thermal Insulation

As the stringent environments found in heating systems can warp low-quality components, OEMs require material solutions that withstand high temperatures, humidity and pressure. High-performance plastics offer superior thermal induction compared to metal and limit warpage and fatigue from continuous exposure to hot chlorinated water. Syensqo's portfolio of specialty polymers is designed to maintain mechanical strength and withstand exposure to extremely high levels of heat while resisting thermal conduction. Solef® PVDF is specifically designed with high resistance to chlorine, humidity, pressure, heat and steam to maintain excellent thermal insulation in extreme heating applications. 

Outstanding Dimensional Stability and Strength

In addition to thermal resistance, materials in heating systems must also retain dimensional stability and strength to reduce the risk of part failure. The highest-performing polymers resist thermal expansion and moisture absorption to remain strong and stable throughout use. Syensqo's specialty polymers are formulated with outstanding dimensional stability and strength, even after continual exposure to hot water, for longer-lasting and stronger heating system components. Specifically, Radel® PPSU offers exceptional long-term hydrolytic stability combined with superior strength and a heat deflection temperature of 207°C.

Tensile yield strength after aging in 90 °C water


Impressive and Cost-Effective Resistance

High-performance plastics for metal replacement offer enhanced corrosion and chemical resistance for strong and stable heating applications such as pipes, manifolds, heat meters, pumps and balancing valves. Syensqo's advanced portfolio of specialty polymers is uniquely developed with superior resistance to oxidizers, creep and chemicals to allow for more economical and longer-lasting heating systems. Specifically, Udel® PSU offers a cost-effective alternative to metal-based heating components with excellent dimensional and hydrolytic stability, high strength and toughness, resistance to hot chlorinated water and a heat deflection temperature of 174°C.

Tensile creep of Udel® PSU in water at 60 °C (140 °F)


Today’s manufacturers for heating systems rely on materials that reduce instances of part failure due to corrosion, warpage and fatigue. Syensqo's innovative portfolio of specialty polymers advances the heating industry by promoting more durable, resistant and reliable heating system components.