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Simple, safe and natural based solutions

Innovative Natural-Based Surfactants for Home Care Formulations

From hard surface cleaners to laundry detergents, today’s consumers are searching for naturally derived products that they perceive as safer for themselves and the environment. This desire for safety and simplicity means formulators must find ingredients that offer similar performance to synthetics but are derived from natural sources. Formulators address this challenge by utilizing innovative ingredients from SYensqo that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, employ sustainable sourcing and are natural in origin while ensuring outstanding performance.

Consumers are searching for natural cleaning solutions, and Syensqo's naturally derived surfactants provide a high-performing ingredient for formulators to create effective, eco-friendly cleaning products.

Max Chabert, Global Marketing Manager, Home & Hygiene at Syensqo

Challenges of Natural-Based Surfactants

Although consumers have made their desire for eco-friendly products clear in market trends, it remains a formulation challenge to create naturally derived and high-performing cleaning solutions. Bio-based surfactants for home care formulations must provide a unique combination of performance and sustainability, so consumers feel confident in the safety and efficacy of these ingredients in-home care solutions. These ingredients equip formulators with increased flexibility, and continued innovation over the past several years has resulted in natural surfactants that are simultaneously more eco-friendly and more efficient.


Natural-Based Ingredients in Home Care Formulation

High-performance shine polymers or easy cleaning polymers will provide an extra boost in premium cleaning products, but the majority of cleaning performance comes from the 20-30% of the formula that is made up of surfactants. To develop an effective solution, formulators must utilize surfactants that exhibit excellent performance and respond to consumer demand by developing these ingredients from natural sources. Despite the challenges of developing eco-friendly materials, ingredient suppliers are innovating outstanding naturally derived surfactants that can be implemented in high-performing, bio-based solutions. 

Syensqo offers several natural-based surfactants for home care that are designed to improve formulation performance and reduce environmental impact. As an alternative to synthetic surfactants, our Rhodasurf® 6 NAT MB provides the same performance as ingredients developed from petrochemicals but without the harmful environmental effects. Not only is this nonionic, bio-based surfactant created from sugar cane, it also lowers greenhouse gas emissions by 20% and reduces non-renewable resource consumption by 30%, according to our Life Cycle Analysis. Syensqo's Rhodapex® ESB 70 NAT MB is another naturally derived surfactant for home care that is engineered with 100% renewable carbon and is available in a 70% actives form with performance equal to conventional SLES. This natural-based surfactant reduces global warming potential by 5% and non-renewable sources by 15% compared to conventional SLES, as it is derived from ethylene oxide made from ethanol and sugarcane and lauryl alcohol sourced from palm kernel oil. Syensqo continues to innovate the most advanced naturally derived ingredients that enable formulators to create home care solutions that are tough on soils in the home and gentle on the environment.


For more information on Syensqo's range of natural-based surfactants for home care, contact our experts.