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Fast-tracking single-use technology in biopharma processing

Improve Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing with Innovative Materials for High-Performance Single-Use Technologies

The growing demand for advanced biopharmaceuticals continues to push manufacturers to seek new methods of improving processing, flexibility, and speed to market. As industry players deliberate between stainless steel components and specialty polymers, factors such as energy, labor, materials, maintenance, consumables, quality and contamination become integral considerations for advantageous material selection.

In our eGuide, discover how we provide the biopharmaceutical supply chain with an extensive portfolio of gamma-stable, medical-grade polymers for modern single-use technology to empower manufacturers with increased safety, exceptional performance properties, and reduced capital costs, and accelerated product development. This detailed resource uses real-world case studies and technical data to elaborate on several key benefits of our single-use material solutions, including:

  • Gamma sterilization compatibility
  • Low leachables and extractables 
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements and safety standards
  • Broad chemical resistance
  • Exceptional strength and rigidity
  • Wide temperature range
  • Outstanding biocompatibility 



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