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3d illustration of car engine with lubricant oil on repairing


Versatile Solutions for a Range of Lubricant Applications

Lubricant formulators are expected to deliver outstanding performance and durability while using ingredients that limit environmental impact. Syensqo's industry-leading lubricants, additives, fluids and lubricant components meet or exceed complex performance requirements while also providing key benefits to help manufacturers reach sustainability goals.

Metalworking Fluids and Lubricant Components

With the evolution of advanced metalworking tools and equipment comes the emerging emphasis on foam control and long-term reliability. Syensqo offers the industry’s broadest range of additives for metalworking fluids and lubricant components—optimal for high-speed machining tools—including high-performance emulsifiers, versatile corrosion inhibitors, phosphorus-based anti-wear agents and more. Discover more.

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Lubricants for Electronics

Electronic manufacturers need to maintain and safeguard the electrical properties and surfaces of the devices they manufacture while simultaneously decreasing wear. Syensqo's lubricant solutions for electronics are designed specifically to protect the integrity of electrical properties, prevent corrosive atmospheres and decrease fretting. Discover more.