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Discover Advanced Products for Enhanced Surface Treatment

Syensqo's versatile portfolio of lubricant products enables high-performing solutions that adhere to the most significant industry trends. With ingredients and materials that help formulators and OEMs achieve improved environmental and performance goals, Syensqo's brands are key to the successful formulation and application of lubrication solutions. Our innovative lubricant brands include Lubrhophos® and Rhodafac® Antiwear Additives, Duraphos® Antiwear Additives, Rhodafac® Corrosion and Rust Inhibitors, Fomblin® PFPE Lubricants, CYPHOS® ionic Liquid Additives and more.

  • Lubrhophos® and Rhodafac® Antiwear Additives - These specialty lines of antiwear additives offer excellent compatibility in a range of lubricant formulations for metal working applications, as they provide a sacrificial, protective film on a metal surface. Lubrhophos® and Rhodafac® display outstanding performance properties such as extreme-pressure properties, anti-corrosion and anti-staining, enhanced foam control, good emulsion stability and biodegradability. 
  • Duraphos® Antiwear Additives - As a powerful line of antiwear additives, Duraphos® provides an array of beneficial properties for the formulation of lubricant oils. These sulfur-free, ashless additives improve sustainability profiles in lubricant development, and impart exceptional antiwear abilities, extreme pressure resistance, better performance than ZDDP, lower SAPS and more.  
  • Clearbreak® Demulsifiers - An important group of chemicals in industrial oil production processes, demulsifiers are designed to break the water/oil emulsions to remove the water contaminant from crude. Clearbreak® demulsifiers provide a myriad of performance benefits, including reduced oil-in-water levels, quick resolution of emulsions, cost-effective implementation, flexible application and reduced corrosion in crude distribution. 
  • Rhodafac® Corrosion and Rust Inhibitors - A range of specialty surfactants, Rhodafac® inhibitors are a family of APE-free emulsifiers, strategically designed to improve industrial coating formulations. The Rhodafac® Range are efficient anionic surfactants used to improve lubricant performance to mitigate corrosion and rust, Rhodafac® offers a variety of other advantageous characteristics, including reduction of water absorption, corrosion resistance, color compatibility, gloss improvement and better film formation. 
  • Fomblin® PFPE Lubricants - A family of high-performance lubricants, Fomblin® PFPE offers unmatched performance in several industrial applications. These inert fluoropolymers are a material of choice for lubricants for industrial electronics, as they are engineered specifically for applications where heat, chemicals, solvents, corrosion, flammability and service life pose notable lubrication challenges. Fomblin® PFPE Lubricants offer outstanding performance in a wide range of temperatures, excellent chemical and solvent resistance, inert and non-reactive properties, non flammability and extremely low evaporation loss.
  • CYPHOS® ionic Liquid Additives A family of high thermal and chemically stable additives for AW/EP. These metal free, non flammable and ashless additives can reduce long-term friction and wear while improving extreme pressure capabilities and fuel economy. Applicable in both ICE and EV, Syensqo's CYPHOS® phosphorus based ionic liquids additives are designed to withstand the harsh conditions within lubrication systems facilitating optimal heat transfer and superior operating efficiency.