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Webinar - Top 3 reasons to choose P-free hydrotropes for your metal-cleaning formulations

Explore the P-free hydrotropes for metal-cleaning formulations 

This webinar was recorded on April 21, 2021 as Solvay Group

Industrial cleaning processes are being transformed by the growing trend toward conversion to water-based systems. Formulators continue searching to strike the right balance between alternatives that can satisfy ever-stricter governmental regulations and innovative ingredients that address current cleaning and metal cleaning trends, particularly those calling for effective use in low temperatures and in low-foam cleaning.

In this webinar, Syensqo experts discussed the state of P-regulations around the world today and explain how P-free hydrotropes can bring additional benefits beyond good hydrotroping performance. Learn about the latest trends in industrial and metal cleaning for use in coil degreasers and cleaners for electronics and industrial applications. 
What is covered in this webinar:

  • A look at the latest trends in metal cleaning
  • Overview of global P-free trends and regulations 
  • Alternatives to P-containing hydrotropes 
  • How P-free alternatives can be used to optimize low-temperature cleaning processes
  • Selecting the right P-free hydrotropes for your formulation
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