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Webinar - How bifunctional polymers promote paint adhesion on HDG steel parts?

Explore Chrome-free solution to boost paint adhesion on HDG

This webinar was recorded on July 5, 2022

Hot dip galvanized steel (HDG) is a metal widely used in general applications such as appliances, outdoor equipments, infrastructures etc. Regulations have been putting constraints on formulators and manufacturers to go Chrome-free in some applications. With today’s environmental concerns and global awareness on improving sustainability, the metal treatment industry is shifting towards less toxic and waste-reduced solutions, which comes with performance challenges. 

In this webinar Deepak Bhatia welcomes experts Dr Quentin Boyer and Andriy Zhu to discuss about the challenges to go “cleaner” and how to overcome them. 
They will cover a variety of topics, including:
- Risks and regulations around Chrome and Review of alternative solutions
- Example of additives to boost paint adhesion of sustainable conversions on HDG 
- Technical data : case studies based on Ti/Zr chassis and performance results on HDG panels

Join us and connect with our experts as we delve deeper into the future of painted HDG. We will share solutions to better meet industry regulations and make metal treatment truly sustainable without sacrificing quality, cost or performance.

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