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Solvay Industrial Process Solutions - Webinar #4 - Metal bonding

Webinar - Reinforce metal-to-metal adhesive bond strength with advanced polymer

Explore our break-through treatment bonding technologies

This webinar was recorded on December 2, 2020

Construction, aerospace and automotive OEMs have embarked a quest for suitable bonding technologies to replace physical fasteners as they search for ways to improve structural light weighting.  

Joint durability is the key success parameter that will enable wide-scale adoption of bonding technologies in heavy duty, structural applications.  

Join our webinar to hear Jim Creeley and Dr. Marie-Pierre Labeau offer their insights into the science of how surface-active polymers can increase adhesive bond durability and share news about Syensqo's break-through treatment bonding technologies.

What you'll learn in this webinar:

  • The challenges of moving to adhesive bonding technology and current practices.
  • Modern approaches for testing adhesive bonding and demonstrating structural bond durability.
  • How polymers can be used to replace or enhance existing treatment technologies. 

Duration: 56:49 min  including Q&A

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