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High-Performing Products for Water Treatment Coagulation

Syensqo’s coagulation solutions for water treatment enable the removal of organic and inorganic particles from municipal waters, facilitating compliance with tightening regulations while providing additional benefits such as antibacterial properties and corrosion inhibition. 

  • Rhodibloc® RS U - Rhodibloc® RS U is an additive that enhances coagulation in industrial and municipal water applications while exhibiting substantial fluid loss control. 
  • Mackamide® - Mackamide® is a water- and oil-soluble emulsifier. This product provides corrosion inhibition and coagulant properties for water treatment. 
  • Fentacare® 1227 80 G - This dispersing multifunctional agent is an anti-bacterial coagulant for treating diverse water supplies. Fentacare® meets stringent environmental regulations and reduces chemical oxygen demand (COD) levels.