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Introducing a Cleaner and Safer Future 

Disinfection That Lasts

Surface Protection

For truly long-lasting defense against harmful microorganisms, antimicrobial cleaners should provide 24-hour surface disinfection or sanitization benefits that are compliant with regulated tests. Formulators can achieve reliable disinfection along with other desirable cleaning features with Syensqo’s Actizone® technology. Our Actizone® products give formulators unmatched flexibility as they develop the highest-performing disinfecting cleaners to provide initial kill when applied and all-day microbial defense, even after repeated touches, without sacrificing the cleaning experience.*

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The Technology Behind Actizone® 

Actizone® F5 is a ready-to-use surface disinfectant cleaner solution. Our proprietary polymer works with antimicrobial actives to form an invisible protective film on surfaces where the actives kill microorganisms as needed for up to 24 hours. These long-lasting antimicrobial formulations remain effective even when surfaces are repeatedly contaminated or eroded by continued contact. Unlike conventional household disinfectants. Solutions developed with the range of Actizone® products retain sufficient levels of antimicrobial actives to kill germs for hours after being applied to a surface.*

Actizone® Technology - How does it work


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Actizone™ provides 24-hour antimicrobial surface protection

24-Hour Antimicrobial Protection 

Actizone® technology traps antimicrobial actives to form a protective film on a surface to offer 24-hour surface protection as actives remain continuously available to kill bacteria and viruses as needed.* 


Actizone™ Fast Kills more than 99.9% of germs

Fast-Kill of More Than 99.9% of Germs

Multipurpose disinfectant cleaners with Actizone® technology provide consumers with expected fast germ-kill of bacteria and viruses, including the coronavirus while providing desirable long-lasting antimicrobial properties.* The efficacy of Actizone® technology is proven through rigorous independent laboratory tests.  


Actizone™ provides optimal cleaning while disinfecting

Optimal Cleaning Experiences

Along with outstanding disinfection benefits, Actizone® products can be used in multipurpose disinfectant cleaners to provide excellent shine and a residue-free finish on a range of surfaces, including laminate, polycarbonate, glass and steel.


Actizone™ Enables a Sustainable Disinfection

Sustainable Disinfection

Actizone® products inherently reduce cleaning time in homes and industrial settings for more sustainable disinfection processes. The 24-hour antimicrobial solutions formulated with Actizone® technology continue to disinfect surfaces all day and all night, allowing consumers to use fewer products and spend less time cleaning commonly touched surfaces.* 

More About Consumers' Benefits 

Actizone® Portfolio of Solutions

Actizone® F5 provides formulators with a ready-to-use surface disinfectant for high-performing antimicrobial cleaning. This quat-based solution is developed with our proprietary polymer and surfactant package for residue-free, long-lasting sanitization. Our high-performing Actizone® F5 formulation rapidly kills more than 99.9% of germs such as bacteria, mold, yeast and viruses, including the flu and coronavirus. It also offers 24 hours of lasting protection from bacteria and viruses.* This 24-hour antimicrobial solution ensures an effective cleaning experience on a variety of different surfaces, including laminate, polycarbonate, glass and steel.

Solvay also offers Actizone® F5 Concentrate in a 6x concentrate for a usage that requires higher concentration. This ready-to-dilute 6x concentrate, results in the Actizone™ F5 disinfectant solution with 24-hour antimicrobial performance.* It preserves the natural shine of a surface by ensuring a residue-free clean.  


Versatile Ingredients For Long-Lasting Disinfectant Solutions

  • High-Performing Solutions with Antimicrobial Benefits 

Actizone® technology offers formulators unmatched flexibility to create 24-hour antimicrobial cleaners tailored to their specifications. Designed to trap antimicrobial actives for long-lasting surface disinfection, Actizone® F5 forms a protective film on surfaces and continues to kill bacteria and viruses for 24 hours.*

  • Formulations for Optimal Consumer Experiences 

Developing disinfectant formulations with continual antimicrobial activity is not a simple task; formulators require outstanding ingredients that promote versatility and efficacy while preserving surface aesthetics. With options to purchase our proprietary polymer, our surfactant package or our ready-to-use surface disinfectant formulation, producers can develop precise solutions to consumers’ most relevant antimicrobial cleaning challenges.

  • Syensqo’s Extensive Formulation Expertise 

Actizone® technology is designed for widespread compatibility throughout 24-hour antimicrobial formulation development and use.* All Actizone® products are suitable for solutions that are used on a range of surfaces for widespread consumer appeal. Syensqo offers today’s formulators years of experience in the home care and cleaning market, along with our internal and external Standard Test capabilities and our ability to assist in tailormade formulations. 

More About Formulators' Benefits

For more information on Actizone® products for long-lasting disinfectant cleaners, please contact our experts

Remember to use disinfectants safely, and always read the label and product information before use.

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