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Powder coated colorful metal parts for facade

Addibond™ Range

As surface treatment and coatings face unique challenges, our AddibondTM range offers high-efficiency, eco-friendly alternatives to conventional ingredients.

Sustainable Solutions for Enhanced Paint Adhesion 

The surface treatment market continues its growth trajectory, and new, eco-friendly solutions are high in demand. As an industry leader in developing specialty additives for adhesive bonding, Syensqo strives to provide the best ingredients for metal treatment formulators. Our primary objective is to propose innovative metal treatment solutions that:

  • Improve the quality and longevity of goods due to higher corrosion resistance and improved durability
  • Consume fewer resources through lower temperature requirements, lower water and energy consumption, lightweighting and the use of recycled aluminum
  • Contribute to a cleaner industry with fewer toxic materials and ecotoxic chemicals, as well as less waste


AddibondTM: Empowering More Durable Goods With Sustainable Materials 

AddibondTM is a unique range of polymers designed to improve adhesive bonding and paint adhesion, as it provides various benefits when used in corrosion and passivation treatments, such as:

  • Strengthening the bond of metal to paint and improving corrosion resistance, therefore increasing goods’ quality and service life
  • Strengthening the bond of metal to adhesive, enabling stronger bonding of aluminum parts in cars, which is key to lightweighting, energy consumption reduction and noise reduction
  • Strengthening of metal to polymer coat bonding, allowing metal coated with polymers to show fewer defects and become more durable

AddibondTM has been specifically formulated keeping several key criteria in mind: reduce toxicity and ecotoxicity, reduce resources consumption, reduce waste and sludge production and procure high-efficiency bonding. 


Highly Stable Polymeric Additives for Stronger Bonds 

Addibond™ are multi-functional polymers offering several significant process advantages over other bonding solutions. 

Structure of bifunctional addibond polymers for paint adhesion promotion and adhesive bonding
Addibond™ combines two functional groups, reacting with the metal substrate (green) and with an organic layer (red).

Compared to conventional polyacrylates, they can anchor on both inorganic surfaces and organic coatings, resulting in tight and durable substrate-coatings bonds. In contrast to silanes, they perform at much lower concentrations (typically 200 ppm) and the created bonds provide better resistance to hydrolysis in corrosive conditions. This makes baths easier to manage. 


Supporting the Manufacturing and Metal Treatment Industries in More Sustainable Operations 

The toxicity and ecotoxicity profile of Addibond™ polymers make them a chemical of choice for safer handling and compatible with sludge free. This means less constraining chemical storage and handling, and less toxic waste, which eventually translates into cheaper operational costs. 

A labeled sustainable solution

Addibond™ has been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label, which distinguishes solutions that contribute to changing the world by combating climate change and enhancing the quality of life on Earth

Addibond™ has been designed to reduce toxicity and ecotoxicity, reduce resources consumption, reduce waste and sludge production and procure high-efficiency bonding.