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Aerosol® Surfactants - Splash of paint

Aerosol® Surfactants

Improve the performance of your waterborne coatings with our specialty emulsifier solutions

High-efficiency polymer systems

The Syensqo Aerosol® range of specialty surfactants is designed to improve performance in waterborne latex systems designed for waterborne architectural and industrial coatings and waterborne adhesives. These mostly anionic surfactants are highly efficient at concentrations of 0.5% to 2% and provide effective particle size control, improved stability with favorable regulatory profiles that are safe to use.


Build more functionality into your waterborne coatings formulations

These highly efficient specialty surfactants also can be used to improve filler loading in latex paint, thaw stability in paints and mechanical stability. The Aerosol® range of anionic surfactants exhibits excellent wetting, dispersing and leveling performance. It also can improve the color development of certain organic pigments. 


Aerosol® applications

Aerosol® surfactants are useful in polymer systems for acrylics, vinyl acrylics and styrene acrylics:



Aerosol® features

  • Highly efficient emulsifiers
  • Suitable emulsifier for vinyls, acrylics, styrene acrylics and styrene butadiene polymers
  • Excellent mechanical and electrolytic stability
  • Lower surface tension
  • Outstanding flow and leveling properties
  • Reduced defects in coatings 
  • Functional as a dispersant and as a pigment and substrate wetting agent
  • Functional at low concentrations


Aerosol® benefits

Aerosol® surfactants deliver functionality and solutions for polymerization and answer formulators needs for:

  1. Effective and efficient latex particle size control
  2. Enhanced pigment and substrate wetting and improved flow and leveling performance
  3. Facilitating air and volatile release to reduce coatings defects
  4. Easing coating applications and improved aesthetics
  5. Enhanced coating uniformity and coverage
  6. Improved coatings appearance, eliminating craters and fisheyes and reducing orange peel and pinholes
  7. Enabling thinner coatings and materials savings 
  8. Wetting and stabilizing pigments and improved coatings appearance

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