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Aerosol® EF-800

Fine Particle Size Emulsifier

Specially formulated surfactants

Aerosol® EF-800 specialty surfactants is designed to improve the performance of emulsion polymers formulated into waterborne architectural coatings, waterborne industrial coatings and adhesives. These specially formulated surfactants are mostly anionic, it can fall into the following categories, Monoester Sulfosuccinates, Sulfosuccinamates, Di-ester Sulfosuccinates, ect. 


Aerosol® EF-800 benefits

  • Enables fine particle size latex
  • Good mechanical and electrolytic stability 
  • Can achieve high solid content (> 60%) 


Aerosol® EF-800 features

  • Highly efficient as sole emulsifier and in combination with other surfactants
  • Functional at low concentrations: 0.5 - 2%
  • Very suitable in Vinyl Acrylics, Acrylics, Styrene Acrylics & Styrene Butadiene;
  • Highly suitable in systems with high amounts of water soluble monomers


Aerosol® EF-800 applications

  1. Emulsification
  2. Wetting
  3. Dispersing
  4. Filler Loading
  5. Mechanical Stability
  6. Freeze/Thaw Stability
  7. Penetrating & Leveling
  8. Brush Clean-up
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