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AvaSpire® PAEK

Customized High-Performance Polyketones

AvaSpire® PAEK (polyaryletherketone) is a family of high-performance polyketones tailored to fill cost and performance gaps between PEEK and other high-performance polymers. For example, ductility and toughness can be significantly improved versus comparable grades of PEEK, delivering 20% higher tensile elongation at yield and double tensile elongation at break values.

Why AvaSpire® PAEK?

  • Higher stiffness from 150 °C to 190 °C
    (302 °F to 374 °F)
  • Improved ductility and toughness
  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • UL-94 V0 rating at 0.8 mm
  • Comparable strength and stiffness at up to 30% lower cost
  • Excellent aesthetics and colorability

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Market Applications

AvaSpire® PAEK products are customized resins and compounds that provide specific solutions for components used in Automotive, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Healthcare and other demanding industries. Depending on the grade, AvaSpire® PAEK can show equivalent performance to PEEK while providing additional properties such as higher ductility, elongation and retention of properties at elevated temperatures.

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Product Line 

AvaSpire® PAEK is available in neat grades (in standard and high melt flow grades), glass fiber and carbon fiber reinforced grades (structural grades), wear resistant SL grades (lubricated, non-lubricated, load bearing).