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Duraphos™  - Antiwear additives for oil
Duraphos® Series

Duraphos® 178

Antiwear Additives Specifically Designed for Oil Lubricants

An Antiwear/Extreme Pressure Agent with Copper Corrosion Protection

Duraphos®️ 178 demonstrates outstanding antiwear performance with extreme pressure capability and copper corrosion protection. Typically, it is used in drivelines and industrial lubricants including greases. Friction level meets requirements in transmission systems. It is approved in lubricants with incidental food contact.


Features and Benefits

  • Ashless and sulfur-free
  • Antiwear/extreme pressure
  • Copper corrosion inhibition
  • Friction behavior suitable for drivelines


Durophos-Excellent anti-wear performance

Excellent Antiwear Performance 

  • Equivalent Antiwear performance to ZDDP while being ashless
  • Same level of performance in fully formulated gear oils and electric vehicle fluids



Durophos-Pressure Capabilities

Shows Extreme Pressure Capability

  • Better EP performance than ZDDP with equivalent antiwear performance
  • Same level of performance in fully formulated lubricants
  • Provides a medium extreme pressure performance: Mild EP Solution


Provides Benefits on Copper Corrosion Protection

  •  Improves copper corrosion protection in formulation oil to meet specifications
Copper Corrosion Benefits


Friction Behavior

Friction Behavior at the Fitting with Driveline System Requirements

  • Friction coefficient of Duraphos®️ 178 at the required level of transmission and driveline requirements